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 Avant-Garde'n is a Decatur, Georgia based plant based meal and delivery service that uses soy and dairy free, non-gmo ingredients! We have globally influenced, well rounded, balanced and simply damned good food! It's some of your favorite foods made plant based...and if you want dessert, the option is there! 


Today's PSA:

Avant-Garde'n is not selling a "die"t, it's a "life"style! Our plant based meal preparation services is not designed to help you lose (or gain) weight. If you are seeking tailored food, we have the capabilities as personal chefs and our resident Registered Dietitian who can help you achieve your goals!

Plant Based Meal Preparation Services Testimonial

“Whomever blessed you with these cooking skills...I am very grateful for them! I have [also] been thinking about that [gingerbread] cake since I had it. It was perfectly flavored and moist.”

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