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Buffalo Cauliflower

About Avant-Garde'n

Picture it...having a great love for global food, then going plant based! Add a desire to maintain all the flavor and richness of traditional non-vegan food to the journey, and Avant-Garde'n was born!

Avant-Garden is a family owned and operated business, providing Atlanta Georgia and surrounding metro areas with delicious and affordable soy & dairy free plant based meals, desserts and alkaline water. Through our meal plans, popups/vending and catering, we shatter the stigma that eating plant based is just eating salad...we're not fast food, we're avant-garde in flavor!

Chef Aja (Aye-jah)

I have been cooking for as long as I can remember, beginning in the kitchen with my NaNa. Since going plant based 7 years ago, I have incorporated my knowledge of international food and desserts, along with my background as a formally educated Scientist, to provide you with the most balanced and flavorful food! I pride myself on giving you what I call "Plant Based Science", where I experiment in the lab until the best dishes are created!

~Aja, the Plant Based Scientist


From the clients


"This is REALLY good!"


"[The food] almost makes you feel like you're cheating but you're not!"


"I enjoyed it immensely!"

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